To reach Olympus by bus, you will need to take a bus with Greece’s national bus service, KTEL. Each prefecture of Greece has its own designated KTEL bus station, creating a network of bus lines that connect almost every city in the country. The bus system can seem daunting at first as travellers have a hard time finding information online regarding bus routes. If you would like help arranging transportation to and from Mount Olympus, please contact us and we will take care of it for you.

Train Tours to Olympus

From Athens to Olympus by Bus

To reach Olympus from Athens by bus, you’ll need to take a bus from Liosion Bus Station. There are several ways to get to Liosion Bus Station (KTEL) depending on your location. From any metro line that goes to Monastiraki Station take any train on the Green line heading towards Kifissia. Next, get off at Kato Patisia Metro Station. From there, you have the option of either walking about 1 kilometer to the bus station or taking a taxi. Be sure to tell the taxi drive that you need to go to Liosion Station not Athens Bus Station.

If you’re flying into Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos), then you can take bus line X93 that takes you directly from the airport to Liosion Bus Station. Once you arrive at the bus station you can buy your tickets at the front counters. There is no direct bus from Athens to Litochoro so you will need to take the bus that goes to the city of Katerini.

Getting to Olympus from Athens

From Thessaloniki to Olympus by Bus

To get to Mount Olympus from Thessaloniki you need to take a bus from Thessaloniki KTEL Bus Station. To reach Thessaloniki KTEL Bus Station you can take any of the public city buses from several areas throughout the city. From the airport you may take line 01X (01N for night line) that goes directly from the airport and ends at the bus station. If you are not reaching the KTEL Bus Station from the airport, you may still get there by taking any of the following bus lines: 1, 12, 45, 80, 80Β, 81Β, 81Κ, 82Κ, 82Ν, 89A, 89B.

Bus tickets for the public bus cost 0.90€ and can be purchased at any street kiosk or mini market. Tickets from Thessaloniki to Litochoro may only be bought from the KTEL Bus Station. The bus for Litochoro departs almost every hour and makes a stop in the city of Katerini before arriving at Litochoro.


From Meteora to Olympus by Bus

In order to reach Olympus from Meteora by bus, you need to first take a bus from Meteora to the nearby town of Kalabaka (also spelled as “Kalampaka”). Keep in mind that just for that specific bus line, tickets can be issued inside the bus. From Kalabaka now, hop on one of the frequent buses heading towards Trikala. Upon arriving at the Trikala Intercity Bus Station (Trikala KTEL), buy a ticket for your next stop, which is the city of Larissa. This is as far as the bus will take you as there are no buses that connect Larissa with Olympus.

To reach Olympus from Larissa you will need to take a train from the Larissa Railway Station, which is situated near the city, in a residential area approximately 1.5 km from the bus station. Finally, purchase your train ticket for a direct route to Litochoro. Please note that the Litochoro Train Station is located 6.5 kilometers east of the village and transportation up to Litochoro via taxi or private transfer must be arranged.