Timeless since its invention, the train has been a most beloved means of transportation for a multitude of people, either for their daily commute or voyaging the world. Apart from walking and cycling, the most prudent way to travel – in terms of fuel-efficiency – is none other than rail transportation. For people to get to Olympus by train, they only have to purchase their ticket from TrainOSE and hop on board from one of the numerous stations throughout Greece, from Peloponnese, all the way to Western Macedonia, to the most northern part of Evros.

The closest train station to Mount Olympus is the Litochoro Train Station. Please note that the Litochoro Train Station is located 6.5 kilometers east of the village, by the sea.

Train Tours to Olympus

From Athens to Olympus by Train

To reach Litochoro from Athens by train, you’ll need to take a train from Larissa Athens Train Station. Thanks to the metro system in Athens, going to the train station is easy no matter where you’re located in the city. To get the train station from the airport you can take the metro line 3 (blue line) to Syntagma Station and then change to line 2 (red line) for Larissa Station. You may also take the suburban train (same as above) from the airport that goes right to Larissa Train Station.

To go to Olympus by train first you need to take the train to the city of Larissa. From Larissa, take another train to Litochoro train stop, followed by a taxi ride to the village of Litochoro. The car ride is about 5 minutes from Litochoro Train Station to the village and the taxi costs about 9€.

Mount Olympus And Dion Day Trip From Athens By Train

From Thessaloniki to Olympus by Train

To reach Litochoro from Thessaloniki by train, you’ll need to take a train from the New Railway Station, or “Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos”. You may take a taxi or a public bus to get to the train station.

If you are arriving to Thessaloniki by plane, then you may take the bus line 01X or 01N that makes a stop at the railway station before its final stop at KTEL Bus Station. Other bus lines that stop at the railway station include: 2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 14, 17, 19, 37, 38, 40, 51, 52, 54, 56, 64.

The train for Litochoro departs from the station almost every day and tickets can be bought right from the station.



From Meteora to Olympus by Train

To reach Mount Olympus from Meteora by train, first you’ll need to get to the train station. This is a five-minute walk from the center of Kalampaka. You can purchase your tickets for Katerini at the counter of the KalampakaTrain Station, keep in mind about the interchange at Palaiofarsalos, as there is no direct train line to Katerini. Upon arriving at Katerini, board the train to Litochoro, which is less than 10 minutes away, eventually continuing the ascension to Mount Olympus. As mentioned above, the Litochoro Train Station is located just a few kilometers outside the village and thus a taxi or private transfer will need to be arranged.