Nestled along the foothill of Mount Olympus, is an authentic Macedonian village known as Litochoro, which dates back to the 14th century. Litochoro is a thriving Greek town in Pieria with over 7,200 permanent residents that work in the tourism, agricultural and livestock industries. It marks the cusp of the kingliest of mountains and the soothing sea, with hiking trails like no other, archaeological sites of historical significance and local eateries with divine Greek dishes.


Walking along the streets of Litochoro, one can observe the well-preserved Macedonian-style maisonettes, positioned within the labyrinth of cobblestone alleys that lead back to the town’s main square (as observed in most Greek villages). Long-established taverns, cafes and shops selling local products abound in the town’s narrow streets. Many tourists visit this mountainous village before heading to Mount Olympus, as most hiking routes begin not too far from the outskirts of Litochoro. However, before embarking on an uphill adventure towards the summit, there are many points of interest worth visiting in this area. 

Litochoro is a popular destination amongst Greek and foreign tourists all year long with plenty of accommodation options, from campsites, to upscale hotels, to rental properties in the town as well as in the surrounding villages.

Getting a Day Trip by Train from Athens to Olympus

What to see in Litochoro

Litochoro’s prominent brick bell tower, wooden-balconied houses and cobblestone alleyways, seamlessly harmonize with the contemporary tourist attractions and amenities of the town. As you enter the village of Litochoro, take note of Katounia Park, a lush pine tree park with a beautiful backdrop of Enipeas Gorge. Next, visit the Maritime Museum, homage to the marine’s strong presence throughout Pieria’s history. The town also has a Sports & Cultural Center, in addition to an Olympus National Park Information Center.

Among other things, there are several historical, religious monuments and sites worth exploring in the area. Some of them include Agia Parakevi and the church of Agioi Apostoloi, found just a short hike from Litochoro. Further up, the church of Profitis Ilias offers a panoramic sight of Litochoro, as well as the neighboring coastline. Near the gorge of Enipeas lies the monastery of Agios Dionysios, which dates back to the year 1542. Built by a hermit who was living in a nearby cave, this monastery was later used as a shelter during various wars throughout history. 


Activities at Litochoro

Situated between imposing beaches and unspoiled wild greenery, Litochoro offers tourists a plethora of activities to do. For the nature devotee, we propose joining any of our hiking tours that take you on an adventure through the trails of Mount Olympus alongside an experienced guide. There are many hiking trails to follow along the mountain, but the one we recommend the most is path E4, a trail starting from Myloi (Litochoro) that ends in Prionia. Other outdoor activities include trekking, canyoning, mountain biking and rock climbing, either along the mountains of Olympus or at the climbing walls of Litochoro’s sports center. 

Aside from nature’s fierce presence, this promising land’s wide range of activities allows for a cultural experience as well. The archaeological site of Dion and the Castle of Platamon are just a short drive away from Litochoro. Feel free to participate on one of our Olympus tours to learn firsthand about the rich history of this enchanting region. 

Local Food and Shops

Just a stone’s throw from Litochoro you’ll discover several beaches along the Plaka, Skotina and Leptokaria coastline with turquoise waters and pebbled shores. There are several campsites and hotels found along the beach shall you decide to spend your time near the sea. The local fish taverns offer a fresh catch-of-the-day mélange accompanied by an iced glass of ouzo.

The town of Litochoro prides itself in its Macedonian cuisine, rich in flavor and spice. Take a seat in any of the local eateries and try some of their meat dishes, cheese delicacies and homemade pies. Small family-run shops found in Litochoro sell traditional sweets, herbs sourced directly from Mt. Olympus and other local products.

Litochoro Food

How to reach Litochoro

Litochoro is situated about 420 km north of Athens, 91 km south of Thessaloniki and just 23 km south of Katerini. To reach it take the Athens – Thessaloniki National Highway and then get off the exit for Olympus – Litochoro. If you’re visiting Litochoro from Meteora (the city of Kalabaka), Litochoro is approximately 150 km away. 

For any further questions on how to reach Litochoro, where to stay or book a tour with us please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

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