Meteora is one of the most significant religious destinations in Greece, second only to Mount Athos. Meteora and Mount Olympus both played a paramount role in Greece’s history, one being the epicenter of the mythological faith in the Pantheon, while the other a refuge for Christianity. Although Meteora is a two-hour drive from Olympus, there are no express bus lines or train routes that would ameliorate the pace of the journey. In addition to that, there are no direct flights connecting Meteora and Litochoro, as the aforementioned destinations are not within reach of an airport. We therefore recommend that the best way to reach Olympus from Meteora is by car.

Taking a train from Meteora to Olympus

Traveling by train is a more relaxing way of reaching Mount Olympus as the scenery along the ride showcases the beauty of mainland Greece. Same as before, take the bus from Meteora to the Kalabaka Bus Station (KTEL Kalabakas). The train station is a five-minute walk from where the bus drops passengers off. You can purchase your tickets for Katerini at the counter of the Kalabaka Train Station, keep in mind about the interchange at Palaiofarsalos, as there is no direct train line to Katerini. Upon arriving at Katerini, board the train to Litochoro, which is less than 10 minutes away, eventually continuing the ascension to Mount Olympus. As mentioned above, the Litochoro Train Station is located just a few kilometers outside the village and thus a taxi or private transfer will need to be arranged.

For more information on all train routes to Mount Olympus, refer to this guide.

Train Olympus

Taking a Bus from Meteora to Olympus

In order to reach Olympus from Meteora by bus, you need to first take a bus from Meteora to the nearby town of Kalabaka (also spelled as “Kalampaka”). Keep in mind that tickets for that specific bus line can be issued inside the bus. From Kalabaka now, hop on one of the frequent buses heading towards Trikala. Upon arriving at the Trikala Intercity Bus Station (Trikala KTEL), buy a ticket for your next stop, which is the city of Larissa. This is as far as the bus will take you as there are no buses that connect Larissa with Olympus. In order to continue, you need to head towards the Larissa Railway Station, which is situated near the city, in a residential area approximately 1.5 km from the bus station. Finally, purchase your train ticket for a direct route to Litochoro, a quaint village at the foothills of Mount Olympus. Please note that the Litochoro Train Station is located 6.5 kilometers east of the village, by the sea. The car ride from Litochoro Train Station to the village is about 5 minutes and the taxi ride costs about 9€.

For more information on all bus routes to Mount Olympus, refer to this guide.

Bus Olympus

Driving to Olympus from Meteora

The quickest way of reaching Mount Olympus from Meteora is undeniably by car. Shall you choose to drive, start by heading towards Kalabaka through the small town of Kastraki. Take E92/EO6, peripherally passing through Trikala after a half-hour drive; 40 minutes after that, circumferentially leaving Larissa behind, take the third exit on the roundabout, entering A/D PAThE/A1/E75, covering a total of 146 km. Conclusively, exit the highway on Plaka, making your final five kilometers to Litochoro. You can station your vehicle at the municipal parking area, to get a chance to explore this monumental village. Otherwise, extend your trip for an additional half hour to Prionia, the highest accessible-by-car and most common meeting-point among hikers and nature enthusiasts, who wish to dwell where the gods of the old once did.

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