Embark on an extraordinary adventure as we guide you through the hiking trails of Mount Olympus, where nature and mythology intertwine to create an unparalleled hiking experience. Discover the allure of the gods’ playground as you traverse ancient paths, dense forests, and panoramic landscapes that have captivated adventurers for centuries.

Unveil the secrets of Mount Olympus and immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and mythology that define these legendary trails. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a nature enthusiast, the trails of Mount Olympus promise an unforgettable journey. Start planning your Olympus adventure today, and let the gods guide your path through this mythical landscape.

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Litochoro to Prionia

The internationally renowned E4 hiking trail commences its journey in the Myloi area at an elevation of 400 meters, serving as one of the primary entrances to the National Park from Litochoro town. This picturesque trail unfolds its wonders along the breathtaking Enipea Canyon, boasting clear markings and informative signs to guide hikers through its entirety. The trail, marked by numerous ascents and descents, culminates at Prionia, where Enipea springs greet those who have ventured to an elevation of 1,100 meters.

Litochoro to Prionia Trail

Prionia to Spilios Agapitos

The Prionia to Spilios Agapitos Hiking Trail seamlessly continues from the Litochoro–Prionia one, promising an unforgettable adventure. Journeying from the mountain haven of Prionia (1,100 m) to the lofty Spilios Agapitos Refuge (2,040 m), the trail weaves an enchanting narrative as the most frequented hiking path on Mount Olympus. This iconic route, an integral part of the E4 trail system, seamlessly continues from the Litochoro–Prionia path, promising an unforgettable alpine adventure.

Spilios Agapitos to Mytikas

Embark on a thrilling ascent from Spilios Agapitos to Skala and Mytikas, where the trail gradually transforms into a challenging odyssey. Starting from Refuge A (Spilios Agapitos Refuge at 2,040 m), the path takes a steep turn, evolving into a demanding adventure along the Hondro Mesorachi ridge. After approximately 20 minutes, it intersects with the Zonaria path at 2,480 m, and a short distance ahead, the trail veers left towards Stavraities and Agios Antonios.

Spilios Agapitos to Muses Plateau

Known as the Kofto (sharp) trail, this route is a strategic choice for hikers, significantly reducing the overall hiking time to reach Muses Plateau. However, its efficiency comes with a trade-off—this path is characterized by steep inclines and demands a special level of care, especially in sections where snow persists even during times of rare melting. Lower in altitude than the Zonaria path, the Kofto trail unfolds as a challenging yet rewarding journey through the breathtaking terrain of Mount Olympus.

Gortsia to Petrostrouga and Muses Plateau

Embark on this transformative journey, where each step unravels the natural wonders and historical legacies that define the Gortsia to Petrostrouga and Muses Plateau Trail. This is a 14-kilometer odyssey along the Litochoro–Prionia road, where a narrow trail to the right leads to the enchanting Gortsia. This locale marks the starting point of a wide path that winds its way to the spectacular Muses Plateau, home to the renowned refuges of Christos Kakkalos and Giosos Apostolidis.

Muses Plateau to Mytikas

Embark on an awe-inspiring journey from the elevated refuges of Giosos Apostolidis (2,700 m) and Christos Kakkalos (2,640 m) at Muses Plateau, forging ahead toward the towering peaks on a shared path emanating from both refuges. The Muses Plateau to Mytikas Hiking Trail presents both challenges and rewards as you stand atop the legendary Mytikas summit. As you ascend towards the summit of Mytikas, let the allure of the landscape and the thrill of conquering the highest peak of Mount Olympus captivate your senses.