A stroll along the seaside town of Platamon will quickly reveal that it’s not your typical Greek fishing village. It is a place where you shed all the overwhelming harshness of the mountain hills and transcend into a state of serenity. Just 23 kilometers south of Litochoro, Platamon is a quintessential summer escape best known for its close proximity to many major cities such as Larissa, Katerini, Thessaloniki and the Sporades islands. This beachfront town has earned a stellar reputation as one of Greece’s most noteworthy tourist destinations due its pristine gastronomic presence, azure waters and picturesque appearance.

Tours at Platamon

About Platamon

The origin of the name Platamon can be traced back either to the flourishing plane trees in the area or to the town’s wide and vast coastline. Although the source of the name may be unknown, what we do know is that this town attracts over 120,000 tourists every year and for good reason. Its famous landmark, Platamon Castle, its long waterfront and acclaimed eateries, entice just as much Greek as foreign tourists.

Accommodations in the Village of Platamon are never in short supply as there are many rental properties, hotels and even campsites around the area. Tourists have the opportunity to take a seat at any of the notable fish restaurants or enjoy a cup of coffee, whilst admiring the grandeur and bliss of the Aegean Sea. The town also has several small shops selling local products as well as folklore souvenirs. During your stay in Platamon make sure to also visit the idyllic harbor that houses small fishing boats, yachts and even luxury yachts. All in all, this on-the-rise melting pot manages to maintain characteristics and values of simpler, easier times.

Platamon Village

The Castle of Platamon

The Castle of Platamon is the principal tourist attraction of the area. This crusader castle dates back to the 13th century and functioned as a guarding spot to overlook the passage connecting Macedonia with Thessaly. Although bombarded and attacked several times throughout history, the Platamon Castle has been recently restored and is one of the largest fortresses in Greece that stands strong against the test of time.​

How to reach Platamon

Platamon Village can be reached via the National Highway either from the south or from the north. It is about 50 km north of Larissa, and 40 km south of Katerini. If you’re visiting Platamon from Thessaloniki, the distance is a little over 100 km.

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