Prionia is the highest location accessible by car on Mount Olympus. Surrounded by lush greenery on all sides, Prionia is an easy-to-reach starting point or rest stop for hikers. It is located at an altitude of 1100 meters and is approximately 19 km from Litochoro. Prionia can be reached either by car, taxi or private minivan, shall you decide to join any of our hiking tours. This ending-point is where the road connecting Litochoro with the mountain finishes – from here you can leave your car and enter any of the hiking paths or have a seat at the restaurant and take in the panorama of Mount Olympus’ majestic mountain grandeur.

Prionia consists of a free parking lot and a café-restaurant that is open all year round. Visitors of the mountain can leave their car at the parking lot for long periods of time or even overnight. Anyone can also take advantage of the garbage cans, public bathrooms and drinkable water from the springs, where they can fill their flasks or water reservoirs.

The Enipeas River, in addition to several hiking trails, begins at Prionia. Nature enthusiasts have the option of taking a variety of hiking routes depending on the level of difficulty they’re seeking. For experienced hikers the most popular route is the one that starts at Prionia (1100 m) and ends at Spilios Agapitos Refuge (2100 m). The path up to the refuge is a continuation of the E4, Litochoro – Prionia trail. For those looking for a more laid back and easier hiking experience, they can take the E4 hiking path that heads south and ends in Litochoro. Along the way, hikers can observe the bathtub of Zeus, a vibrant blue water source, once thought to be the bathtub of the Olympian God, Zeus. Continuing the trail, hikers will cross over wooden bridges, hear rare species of Olympian birds and other wildlife and even come across a few impressive waterfalls. A visit to the Monastery of Saint Dionysios, a well-preserved religious sanctuary, is an absolute necessity for first-time hikers.

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