The Olympus and Pieria region in Greece is a captivating destination that offers a wealth of natural and cultural wonders to explore. From the mythical Mount Olympus to the charming coastal towns and ancient archaeological sites, this region is brimming with beauty and history. If you’re planning a visit to Olympus and Pieria, here are some must-see attractions that should be on your itinerary:

Train Tours to Olympus

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus, in north east Greece, refers the home of Zeus and the Greek gods since before the time of Homer. Must know that magical stories grew up around Mount Olympus. It rises to a height of 2917 meters (that’s 9570 feet), making it the tallest mountain in Greece and the second tallest mountain in the Balkans. Its peaks 52 (separate peaks) are snow-capped for 8 months of the year.

Christos Kakkalos Refuge

Towns and Villages

Every part of Greece has something distinctive to offer and the region of Olympus is of no exception. Olympus is bursting at the seams with thrilling hiking trails, mesmerizing historic settlements and ancient sites that stand the test of time. To get familiar with the regional splendors, you’ll have to discover the mountainous and seaside towns and villages of Olympus. Below we’ve compiled the best must-see towns and villages of Olympus that offer the perfect insight into the legendary land of the gods.

Archaeological Sites

Mount Olympus offers an enchanting blend of classical Greek mythology and rare flora and fauna. A trip to Olympus wouldn’t be complete without exploring the rich history of this legendary land. From touring the sacred site of Dion, to exploring one of the largest crusader castles in Greece, to uncovering a former refuge and monastery, here are the top three archaeological sites to visit in Olympus.